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Busy day

26th of November has been a rather busy day – I’ve been talking with the graphic designer of my upcoming book, made calls over some other productions (two of my plays are being produced currently) and then accidentally ended up taking a long walk instead of a short one before enjoying Coney’s The Magic Trick , a performance event online. I had lots of fun with that one, and might work with a poem related to it tomorrow.

However, I only got around today’s blog post at 11pm, and my thoughts are quite scrambled. Full of wonderful sentences but none of them seem to make any sense. So, the following poem is completely unedited collection of whatever springs to my mind at the precise moment of writing this.

There were avalanches of butterflies
above us as we,
upside-down, stood on the downside of the clouds
like raindrops waiting for the go
to fall.

I wanted to let go
to surge into that colourful mess above our heads
but the raindrop next to me was terrified
there were tsunamis of flowers on top of us
and hurricanes of sediment and ground

beneath our feet, the gentle white
turning heavy and gray because we were
afraid now.


Published by jennitiera

I'm a playwright & poet from Finland and in love with Ireland. My work is often beautiful and disturbing, and some of the writers I've been compared to are Suzan-Lori Parks, Sarah Kane, Virginia Woolf - to name the three I'm most aspiring to reach while learning more about how words, rhythms, sentences, ideas, embodiments and wilderness tie together as works of literature.

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