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This week, we have had the first two meetings of Remote Control, an artist development programme run by Brú Theatre, the Town Hall Theatre & Galway Dance Project. I’m one of the four artists selected to take part and excited to get to work. I’ll be looking at stories related to Inishmore, where I am currently living, and how to create subtle and magical immersive experiences in dialogue with them. Read more about the project and other participants from the links above!

I’m also very thankful for getting support from Galway County Council toward writing a play consisting of several monologues that explore what it is to be wild, how care turns into control, and what happens when we grow wildflowers in carefully curated conditions.

Super excited for both of these projects, which shall keep me busy enough.


Published by jennitiera

I'm a playwright & poet from Finland and in love with Ireland. My work is often beautiful and disturbing, and some of the writers I've been compared to are Suzan-Lori Parks, Sarah Kane, Virginia Woolf - to name the three I'm most aspiring to reach while learning more about how words, rhythms, sentences, ideas, embodiments and wilderness tie together as works of literature.

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