Starting a cult, being selfish & making promises

I believe there is a magical amount of self-love that is just right so that you can securely share affectionate gestures with people but won’t become a jerk, and that magical amount of self-love is a key toward a better world. The amount of experienced self-loe fluctuates day by day, some of us have itContinue reading “Starting a cult, being selfish & making promises”

Eleven is for November in Neverland

I seem to subconsciously consider November to be my favourite month in Ireland. It appears in quite a few poems, also in those who weren’t written in November but during summer months. I love the silver shades of ocean during winter time, and November is by far the most beautiful combination of pale sun lightContinue reading “Eleven is for November in Neverland”

Day 5 – Polar Night (a theme given as a gift)

I love writing from words or themes other people give me – please, if you feel like there’s anything you want to be turned into poetry, head to the form which will send your suggestions to me. I love them mostly because I always find something which I wouldn’t otherwise write – it pulls meContinue reading “Day 5 – Polar Night (a theme given as a gift)”

Simple things – day 4

Constantly looking for the next innovation or new way of doing things shifts the focus of work in such a way that depth disappears – I prefer growing things, repetition and practice, research and lots of failure, and I think the trick is to focus on that repetitive work, not finding something extraordinary (it appearsContinue reading “Simple things – day 4”

Exercises in patience pt. 3 – This time, also in Finnish. Sama suomeksi.

This poem is, in a way, very personal. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, and I actually started writing about the weird situations where you realize you are both the person you were before and a person you are now – especially in relation to how I am both Iquiet and veryContinue reading “Exercises in patience pt. 3 – This time, also in Finnish. Sama suomeksi.”

Exercises in patience – The curious case of footwear and a new project (there is too many of those)

For me, finding ideas to write about has never been especially hard – they are everywhere. I’ve always struggled more with the labour of bringing them out in the world in such a way the chaos within me becomes understandable to others as well. I often get to a point where something is nearly doneContinue reading “Exercises in patience – The curious case of footwear and a new project (there is too many of those)”


This is a placeholder for what is to become, hopefully and finally, an actual blog that I keep updating. I’ve started quite a few of these, and mostly because they’ve always lacked focus, I’ve given up. But if you can’t get rid of something, you can always enhance and accept it, and thus this isContinue reading “#queenofwandering”

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