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Admiring others – four of my friends who have no idea they are now a poem

I should probably have said yesterday that when I talked about writing for and about others, I did not so much mean writing about the lives of other’s than I meant writing about thinks I find adimirable in some people within my life. I once messaged with this guy I had met on Tinder whoContinue reading “Admiring others – four of my friends who have no idea they are now a poem”

Starting a cult, being selfish & making promises

I believe there is a magical amount of self-love that is just right so that you can securely share affectionate gestures with people but won’t become a jerk, and that magical amount of self-love is a key toward a better world. The amount of experienced self-loe fluctuates day by day, some of us have itContinue reading “Starting a cult, being selfish & making promises”

Let’s play! Day twelve and I’m exercising patience with not being patient at all

This poem was brough together with writing random letters on the shells, writing random words on the shells, throwing these random shells on the floor to create a random order and then I just filled the gaps. Welcome to the party of the sun, we are all invited and most of us don’t behave!

Eleven is for November in Neverland

I seem to subconsciously consider November to be my favourite month in Ireland. It appears in quite a few poems, also in those who weren’t written in November but during summer months. I love the silver shades of ocean during winter time, and November is by far the most beautiful combination of pale sun lightContinue reading “Eleven is for November in Neverland”