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This other world – a play, a process.

I spent the last two weeks in a black box called theatre creating the world of a play called THE OTHER WORLD, where audiences are invited to travel to Utopia. They arrive at the station of The Unfathomable Travel Agency, where they are directed to the waiting area. A train station, an airport, a liminalContinue reading “This other world – a play, a process.”

Too many working titles – a play in progress

First of all, thanks to Taike & Galway County Council for the support I have received toward completing this play, which, as the headline suggests, is without a name. The play will be an immersive experience with themes of civilization and wilderness, care and control, and their extremes. It grew out of talks we hadContinue reading “Too many working titles – a play in progress”

Wilderness and Civilization – Need and Thought

Last year around this time I got an email from a stranger asking to read my script that had been shortlisted for Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize. For some reason, I had not got the message about my own success, and was baffled for a moment. That play was written before and just happened to fitContinue reading “Wilderness and Civilization – Need and Thought”

How a Daydreamer got fond of reality

One of my artistic interests for a few years now has been the amount of “real” and the amount of “story” in any given circumstance. Obviously, we can’t get outside our own experience to ever really touch the raw reality, but there can be tremendous differences in how close we are. For me, the interestContinue reading “How a Daydreamer got fond of reality”

Dissociation – a piece written for Glass Half Full Theatre’s weekly challenge for playwrights

Glass Half Full Theatre asked for a two minute monologue containing ten spesific words, and even when this wasn’t chosen as the weekly monologue, they did enjoy reading it – so you might, as well. Ten words underneath the piece. DISSOCIATION Brush teeth. Gargle. Make a pot of coffee. Eat toast, but it tastes likeContinue reading “Dissociation – a piece written for Glass Half Full Theatre’s weekly challenge for playwrights”