Simple things – day 4

Constantly looking for the next innovation or new way of doing things shifts the focus of work in such a way that depth disappears – I prefer growing things, repetition and practice, research and lots of failure, and I think the trick is to focus on that repetitive work, not finding something extraordinary (it appears if it does). Obviously, it’s hard since the outside pressure often asks for something we have not thought of, new ways of thinking or so on. Common issue!

So today, it’s just a few very simple things collected from the shore:

Herään meren rannalta
joka aamu:
Se on sama kuin eilen
ja henkeäsalpaavan kaunis.

Tunnistan tämän rakkaudeksi.

I wake up from the seashore
each day:
it’s the same as yesterday
all changed
steals my breath away.

I recognize this is love.

Published by jennitiera

I'm a playwright & poet from Finland and in love with Ireland. My work is often beautiful and disturbing, and some of the writers I've been compared to are Suzan-Lori Parks, Sarah Kane, Virginia Woolf - to name the three I'm most aspiring to reach while learning more about how words, rhythms, sentences, ideas, embodiments and wilderness tie together as works of literature.

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